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"What's in a Name",
(renaming the Washington Redskins Project)
Let's rename them the Washington Redskin Potatoes.
Redskins are small potatoes, not Yukon Gold Potatoes,
but nevertheless.... They could have sections for
special guests from DC such as
Mr Potato Head section for important guests
Washington Redskin Potato Flake section
for certain Political Parties
Washington Redskin Potato Salad section
for the CIA and Military.
When they win they could play the Mashed Potato
or Eye of the Potato.
When they lose they could sadly eat
Washington Redskin Potato Clam Chowder.
-Silence DoLittle
(Notice the quotes above. yes, you guessed it...
Ann Hathaway was my ancestor and also a cousin, Franklin
who thought the National Bird should be the Turkey.)
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